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When I had my first baby it was a luxury to have disposable diapers. They were all-new, quite expensive, and extremely plain and ordinary. White – that was it. Now most all moms use disposables and the ones of today feature pretty colours and baby-theme images that are adorable. At the upcoming shower, get everyone together to do something fun and different. Design your own diapers and the mom will cherish them so much she might not want to use them.

Although one person can decorate the entire package of diapers to be cute and unique it’s much more fun if you make it a project for the gang. You can have a diaper design contest at the baby shower or ask the guests to bring a decorated diaper to the shower when they come.

Make extreme designs on plain, white diapers to create a fabulous gift the mom will love. Cheap and simple craft supplies can help create diaper designs that have baby themes, love themes or others. Your handmade diapers will be much more impressive than the ones you buy that feature images imprinted on them.

One of the most fun things you can do is to use coloured markers to write a funny saying on the back of each diaper. Some suggestions include “It’s 3 a.m. and you don’t look happy to see me”, “Isn’t it Dad’s turn?” or “You just had to feed me prunes”.

It’s a simple process to write a saying on each diaper but you can take it one step further by creating images and designs around the saying – or leave the saying off completely. Use stencils and marker, rubber stamping, or other crafty methods to make designs, from funny to exciting to pretty. Consider polka dots, stripes, curly-q’s, simple flowers, simplistic puppies or other designs.

There are even more things you can use, besides markers or stamps, to create interesting diapers. One such thing is coloured tape. Use it to make tic-tac-toe images, stripes or other designs. Rather than try to fit all the diapers back into the original package it’s a nice touch to place them in a diaper stacker to give to the mom. She’ll have a lot of fun taking each one out to read it or see it but she’ll probably put them right back in and never use them – well, maybe in a pinch.