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If your back yard has a deck, you may wish to include the deck when considering your landscaping options. Decks often get over-looked and end up looking rather dull while the rest of the landscape is designed and looks amazing. Many people socialize on their deck, holding barbeque dinners for friends and family, birthday parties, or a summer get together.
Paint the deck to add a decorative touch to it. Decide if you wish to follow the natural wood pattern and paint stripes on the decking floor. This adds a dramatic decorative touch to the deck. Do not however stripe the deck rails or stairs, as this may become overwhelming. Select paint colours to match the exterior of your home – for example, if you home has gray siding, possibly you may wish to paint your deck white and gray.

Hang potted plants, herbs and flowers off the deck. A deck works well to have a small container garden. Hanging plants, herbs and flowers adds natural beauty to the landscape and decorates the deck. Consider flowers in a variety of colours for an added decorative touch.

Depending upon your deck, you may wish to enclose the bottom of it for an added storage space. If you do decide to enclose the bottom of your deck, paint the wood with the same colours you painted the deck. Create a swinging door with hinges for easy access to the storage unit. Examples of items stored under a deck are: potting soil, garden hose, garden tools, children’s’ outdoor toys, and seasonal outdoor items. This option also works well if your home lacks ample storage for all your outdoor items.

Create a rock garden around the perimeter of your deck or mulch the area. To create a rock garden, select an item to enclose the area – for example, bricks and place them approximately 8 inches from the deck boards. Fill in the space with rocks and decorative outdoor items, for example a garden statue. To mulch the area, you do the same thing, but instead of filling in the space with rocks, you fill it in with mulch. Mulch comes in a variety of colours.

Place outdoor furniture on your deck as well. This allows you to create your own personal oasis while sitting outside enjoying your morning coffee or reading a book during a lovely afternoon. Adding outdoor furniture decorates your deck and adds added beauty to your landscape. You may wish to choose between wicker or iron furniture for the deck. Select a seating bench, small chairs and a table. Place the items strategically on the deck to create a place a for lounging while reading a book or sitting and enjoying a beverage.