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Many homeowners build new homes, but then realize that there can be a starkness to some of the modern home styles currently in vogue. In order to bring some age and patina into the home, an old world kitchen design may be in order. Going back to a time before computers and digital electronics swept the country, and giving a nod to European traditions and design sensibilities is at the heart of achieving a lovely old world kitchens design aesthetic in your own home.
You can start to think about an old world kitchen look by visiting a home decor store, or even an antique store. You want to focus on items that have a vintage and timeworn look to them. This can translate into the types of flooring, counter and cabinet surfaces as well as the paint techniques and wallpapers that you might select. Items that have an heirloom feel to them are always appropriate in an old world kitchen.

Another idea is to give your kitchen an European feel through the use of color and textiles. French country style is still very hot right now, and it focuses on the bright colors found in nature in the south of sunny France. Think of bright reds, blues and yellows harmonizing in kitchen curtains, towels, table cloths, napkins, lamp covers, as well as surfaces that can be painted in those rich colors so beloved in France. Dishes, serving bowls and other food preparation items can be purchased with a European aesthetic in mind. Fiestaware plates, bowls and cups in bright colors can be perfect in this type of old world setting as well.

The types of fabrics and finishes you select also will play a part in how the room comes across to you. Vintage furnishings can give a cozy and comfortable look to a room, while more traditional desks, cabinetry finishes and hardware, as well as tile flooring can give a prestigious country style that is elegant. Garden influences can work wonders to create an old world setting, since potagers, or kitchen gardens, were and remain common in Europe. Fruit and vegetable motifs might decorate backsplash tiles and fabrics used in the kitchen, for example. If you have several collections, you can layer them to give the room the appearance of fullness. A bowl used in the kitchen might be reinvented to hold a grouping of candles, for example, or an outdoor garden bench might be brought into the kitchen seating area for added appeal.

By working closely with a kitchen designer, you can plan now so that your kitchen will have that old world design that you want, and you will not overlook any crucial areas needed to bring this design idea to fruition.